RAD 140 High Strength (20mg/ml)


Research & Social References Observed RAD 140:

  • Designed To Work Like Testosterone
  • Does Not Effect Prostate or Liver Cells
  • Increases Lean Body Mass (Muscle)
  • Enhances Physical Performance
  • Helped With Leaning Up
  • Users Report Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Made By Swiss & Australian Scientists
  • Most Potent / Purest / Cleanest Product On The Market
  • Orally Administrated With Patented Delivery System
  • One Dose Has Close To 24 Hour Half Life

Please see research tab for references. This product is for research purposes only.

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Product Description

RAD 140 is a new SARM on the market – a compound that works on selected tissues in the body, giving them the same kind of benefits testosterone substances give, but without the nasty side effects.

Many bodybuilders and athletes are now switching to SARMS because they are safer, provide powerful results, and are a non-injectable – making them very convenient.

Due to this compound being a new product on the SARM market – information is harder to come by.

The studies show that RAD 140 is basically a testosterone booster, just like a steroid – but unlike steroids, RAD 140 does not effect the prostate (one of the bad side effects of using direct testosterone).

As a testosterone booster, studies showed an increase in lean muscle growth. No adverse side effects were observed, liver and prostate were spared. The RAD 140 displayed full anabolic effects on the muscle – making it of particular interest to bodybuilders.

One study also showed it to have nuero-protective properties in rats.

Users on public forums are reporting that they have definitely experienced increased muscle growth and power output in their workouts. Also users observed mental clarity, focus, and feeling of well-being.

From the scientists and bio chemists who created this product:

RAD 140 enhances speed, stamina and endurance during high-intensity workouts. Demonstrated as helping to promote fat loss while simultaneously adding lean muscle, ideal for any cycle. Designed to replace testosterone – RAD140 doesn’t aromatize into estrogen one of the side effects of taking actual testosterone. Has a half life 16 hours.

  • Rad 140 has the proven ability to counter prostate enlargement caused by
  • Up to 10% increase in lean muscle in as little as 1 month.
  • RAD 140 is safe for females.
  • RAD 140 is showing potential for neural degeneration protection.
  • Excellent results with a steroid stack.

Many users speculated, or claim to have known about a lot of fake RAD 140 entering the market. One user even stated that it’s not “fake” but just laced with other substances to give you a “buzz” feeling, to make you think it’s doing something.

Be assured that our RAD 140 is very clean, pure, top notch quality. It’s made in a professional environment by a team of scientists and bio chemists in Australia. Be sure to check the ‘lab quality’ tab for all the tests, demonstrating the purity of the product – so you know you’re getting what you paid for.

Also, check out the social proof tab for references to discussions/feedback from people who have posted about their experiences with RAD 140.

The scientists and bio chemists behind this product have also created a unique, patented delivery system, which helps the bio availability of the product.

It is taken orally under the tongue, and has a half life close to 24 hours – so you only need to take it once per day, when you’re using it.

Ingredients: Peg300, DMSO, Active Ingredient, Patented Delivery System, Flavoring.


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Here is a collection of research studies about we’ve found of RAD 140. Unfortunately at this stage, there hasn’t been many studies, and they’ve all been animal based.


  • Non-Human Study – tested on monkeys and rats
  • It stimulates muscle weight increases
  • It is fully anabolic on muscle
  • Minimal to no effect on prostate cells
  • High dose did not raise liver enzymes much

RAD 140 effect on rats

Above: Histogram graph showing RAD 140’s effect on rats. Lean muscle growth vs effect on prostate cells. The RAD 140 did not disturb the prostate cells – which is a good.

RAD growth effect on monkeys

Above: Showing growth in monkeys when given RAD 140.

RAD lean mass monkeys

Above: RAD 140 showing lean mass increasing in monkeys.


  • Study to test RAD 140’s effect on rats brains, and see if it offered any kind of nuero protection
  • Found RAD 140 to be a testosterone booster than spared prostate cells
  • Found RAD 140 to have neuro-protective properties, more investigation warranted

HPLC testing and quality analysis report from the labs.

RAD 140 HPLC lab test page 1

RAD 140 HPLC lab test page 3

RAD 140 HPLC lab test page 2

RAD 140 Quality Test Page 1

RAD 140 Quality Test Page 3

RAD 140 Quality Test Page 2


Dosage (male)

  • ½ and 1 dropper (10mg) and (20mg) per day.There is no need to take a test
    booster or PCT
  • RAD140 will not aromatize into estrogen, therefore no suppression is needed for
  • Course should run for 6 – 8 weeks

Store in a cool dark place. Don’t allow product to heat up or be exposed to direct sunlight.

* Note for research purposes only

This product is sold for research purposes only.

Not suitable for 18 years old and under.

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. All benefits listed are derived from university studies which as listed in the research tab.