About Us

Welcome to Gymscriptions.

We are a new online supplement store specializing in next generation supplements for athletes, bodybuilders, or anyone who wants a competitive edge to help achieve their goals.

We have developed a relationship with a team of biochemists who operate out of Australia and Switzerland, and these scientists have developed a superior line of supplements…

Many of the supplements you will find here are exclusive to us, they have been made available through private channels – which we are privy to…

Gymscriptions is here to make these leading edge formulas available to you.

Why Shop With GymScriptions?

Pure In Quality

We have noticed a surge in products similar to ours on the market which are not authentic.

Unethical companies label the products as one thing, but then give you a watered down version, or something that is laced/filled with nasty compounds like pro-hormones.

All the products here are of the highest of standards, and quality tested so you know what is in the product is exactly what is listed on the label.

Products That Work

The supplement industry is saturated with products that only provide minimal effect, or don’t work at all.

We provide very powerful products that actually work, which are backed by research.

Some of the products we stock even have patented delivery systems, like our SARMS – which ensure maximum utilization by the body.

Professionally Made

Our products are only sourced from professional manufacturers. None of our products are sourced from cheap untrustworthy channels, such as China.

Currently we have products sourced from professional Australian and Switzerland labs through a scientific research group.

These guys are at the top of their field, brilliant minds who provide us with products which are the next generation of supplements.


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If you want to increase lean muscle, achieve faster weight loss, get an extra edge with any other body transformation goal, or even increased athletic output – we’ve got solutions for you. See our unique range of products.